Are you losing business because you are too busy to hire employees?

It’s time. Your business is growing and your customers are happy to have found you. But you’re working 60-hour weeks and you’ve missed more than a few recitals and soccer games. You became an entrepreneur to have more freedom, and while the revenue is good, doing the work by yourself feels like a life sentence. You need help.  You need to hire employees.  At least one.

Do you need to hire an employee–someone you don’t already know?

  • Do you really understand how to pick great employees?
  • Are you harnessing the leverage of good people to make your business generate greater revenues?
  • Wouldn’t your strategy and tactics be vastly different, if you understood how to recruit and select great people to work for your business?

If you don’t understand how to recruit and select the right people, a lot of your business could be passing by, because you’re too busy doing it all yourself. And you may not even realize it! Here’s your opportunity to learn a systematic approach to selecting great people. Then you can use this information, to grow your business and reach your goals!

If “virtual” employees won’t work

Some of your friends rave about outsourcing and all the help they get from their virtual assistant in a another country. A virtual assistant won’t work in your business. There’s no “virtual” in pulling cable, or teaching gymnastics, or shooting video, or roofing, or feeding real people. You need to hire a real employee. You’re pretty sure you won’t be able to call your employee a “contractor,” although you may not quite be clear about why, or who makes up (and enforces!) those rules.*

HiringHowTo provides a systems approach

HiringHowTo is built on a systems approach to business, based on years of tried and tested methods.  Our brains are hardwired to default to selection methods that don’t always serve our business needs.  Imagine being able to harness and direct your instincts where they are appropriate, and bridge the gaps with tested selection methods designed to eliminate blind spots!  While it’s not easy, hiring can become simple, and you’ll wonder why your friends in business find hiring employees so challenging.

What’s the catch?

People often ask me why I give so much valuable information free on this website. My answer is simple. I’ve learned from some fantastic people, and I could never give back directly.  The free content on this site is my way of paying it forward.

Which is why the information in the Blog, Articles, and the HiringHowTo newsletter, will be extremely comprehensive, but always free. I have other products that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge, but the Free Content will always be FREE.

The purpose of this website

I’ve spent way too many hours on the Internet. And I’m sick of wading through half-baked information, and sites created only to generate AdSense revenue. The reason I set up this website was to make sure you get the best possible information on business systems topics such as hiring, firing, and selecting professionals to help in your business.

If you’ve been bouncing around the Internet and, like me, you’re tired of being told how you can find a virtual assistant to do everything for you, your search will end here. This will be the website that will give you straightforward information about finding and working with real employees, in the US. This is where you’ll find most of what you need to know about the learning to be a boss and manage people. Sometimes, it may even be funny.

Hiring IS hard

Laws, the IRS, the INS and Homeland Security, the EEOC, job descriptions, advertising, interviewing, withholding taxes–there’s a lot to know when you are ready to hire your first (or third**) employee. (Your state laws have something to say, too.) Effective employee hiring is the hardest system to develop, and the most important. Your business needs you to do this. Hiring How To is here to help.

Where do you start?

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You may be wondering, can this approach really help someone in your stage of business? check out Is This You? to find out who benefits from our approach to building a hiring system.

Entrepreneurs need some boxes…

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing “Think outside the box.” Sometimes, growing a business simply demands that you create a whole set of boxes—an org chart—and then fill those boxes with the right people.  94% of America’s GDP comes from “real” business, as opposed to online, and most real businesses need real employees.

Within this website is a gold mine of information created for people like you, people who have a growing business that needs to hire real employees.  You may have hired once or twice already, or even many times with corporate HR backup.  Now, you need to get really clear about reliably finding good people who can contribute to business success and goal achievement. You’ll find the information here to be very useful.

I suggest you explore the various sections of this site, and ONLY THEN, sign up for the HiringHowTo newsletter. The newsletter is FREE, but it’s not a hastily put-together document. Each newsletter is extremely comprehensive in its detail. You’ll find the information fun to read, simple to implement, and based on sound systems thinking.

Three reasons why you should subscribe

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*the feds, and more specifically, the IRS. And yes, if you think you might not be able to call someone a contractor, you’re probably right. More later.

**Why do I say, “Hire your third employee?”  Because most of the entrepreneurs surveyed told me that they found their way into their first or second employee.  The guy next door who was laid off.  Mom, their husband, their wife. Their sister in law, not teaching over the summer and available to help in the office.  It’s only when business owners need to hire someone they don’t already know that hiring starts to look really hard.