Tom Davenport on Talent Analytics

Tom Davenport, HBR Interview on Talent Analytics

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Download (or listen to) Talent Analytics here.

The guest is Tom Davenport, Babson College professor and coauthor of the HBR article Competing on Talent Analytics. (the article costs money and that is NOT an affiliate link.)

Tom talks about measuring employee performance–what activities and behaviors correlate with business success?  His best example is Harrah’s, which counts the number of times its croupiers and dealers smile during a shift.  If you run an operation where all your employees are constantly on camera, like a casino, this might be a relevant metric for your business.  I can’t see how it would work in most other businesses.  Turning to Harrah’s for help on measuring almost anything is a bit like asking Lance Armstrong for help designing a fitness program for your county’s senior activities day.  (The casino industry has phenomenal measurement systems, across the board (pun intended).)

He also talks a little about the three different categories of employee performance metrics, including hiring, performance, and turnover or attrition.  It was useful to me to be reminded that those are three different places that you can improve your employee-related processes.

Although you may not find a whole lot you can use today, he’s engaging and intelligent, and the interview is free to download.  10 minutes run time.