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Why Systems? is an overview of what coaches and advisors mean when they say, “You need to create systems for your business.”  It’s not as big a deal as it can feel like; most of us have a hundred systems we use to get through the day.  “Systems” in business are anything that helps you do something more than once…

The Top 5 Top 10 Lists about How to Hire Your First Employee.  Everybody likes that headline.  Wish everybody liked providing useful content about it.  Most of the articles leave my head spinning, with contradictory or start-in-the-middle advice.

Low-budget Recruiting Tricks might help you save a little money before you run a help-wanted ad, particularly if you can  write your own web pages.

A bit of cross-fertilization systems design, in which I explain why I use the Dewey Decimal System to categorize blog posts.  It’s not often that women like me have anything in common with Keith Richards.  You might find that the article prompts you to look at other business’ systems in a new light, and triggers ideas you can leverage.