Dewey Decimal System and Blogging

Why I use the Dewey Decimal System for categories

If it’s good enough for Keith Richards, it’s good enough for me.

This is a seminal moment for librarianship. For 134 years, geeky men with acne and prematurely aged women in spectacles have quietly gone about cataloguing books according to the principles of Melvil Dewey, largely ignored by the rest of us. But now rock legend Keith Richards has admitted to a passion for librarianship, and a failed attempt to apply the Dewey Decimal System to his own large private library.

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones? The very same. In his autobiography, he reveals that books were his first love, and calls public libraries “a great equaliser”.

I wrote about how I decided to use the Dewey Decimal System to categorize blog posts on my consulting site, Red Tuxedo.  It didn’t take too many posts on Hiring How To before I faced the same problem–I couldn’t find what I was looking for when I wanted to link to a post with a similar topic.  Back to my Abridged Dewey, this time to business and personnel.  To tell the truth, reading Dewey is at least as much fun as reading a thesaurus.  I don’t think I want to do this all day long, but it sure is interesting every now and then.

Here are the categories:

028.1 Book reviews

331 Economics and Labor

331.1 Compensation, as well as employees, employment, employment agencies, and employee organizations (unions)

338 Entrepreneurship

338.7 Business enterprises and their structure (organization & org charts, etc.) (Note that real estate, financial institutions, insurance, energy, and several other forms of business have their own categories.)

650.1 Personal success in business, including 650.14, finding a job or getting a promotion

651 Office services, including records management and computers in the office

652 Writing for business

657 Bookkeeping & Accounting

658 Management

658.3 Personnel, including morale, management, and dismissal.  (Note that “hiring” is not an entry in the index.)

658.4 Executive management

(658.5 production, 658.7 material, and 658.8 distribution–unlikely topics on this site, but included in the listing to remind me in case I do write about business operations <> personnel and HR)

659 Advertising and PR