Employee Recruiting

Low budget employee recruiting tricks from high-dollar recruiters

Face it, big business recruiting can eat up a lot of cash. 20-30% of an employee’s first year salary adds up quickly. You don’t have that kind of money, yet, but you can still use some of the same tricks as professional recruiting firms and corporate HR departments.

Employee recruiting on your website

First, make sure you HAVE a “work here” or “careers” page on your website. Even if you’re not hiring right now, it doesn’t take much effort to add a page. You can talk about what a great place your business is for employees, the kind of work you do, and who you would be looking to hire, if you were looking for someone.

Once you do have a vacancy, post the job description under the Jobs page. Chris Brablc, marketing specialist at SmashFly.com, wrote an article about how to do basic SEO on each position. If you do your own basic SEO, his suggestions will be easy to follow.

Tweet the job

Make sure there’s a “tweet this” link on each job page. If you’re not a big twitter user yourself, find a business associate with a following who can help you get the word out.

Formative labs help wanted ad

Formative labs help wanted ad

I’m not the least bit interested in the position, and I don’t think the job description is a very good example. YMMV. What I liked was the page you get to from the “no, thanks” link:

Formative Labs No Thanks page

Job not wanted, but tweet about it!

What I liked is that the position keeps on going–even if the people who visit your page don’t think they qualify, they may remember your company for positions in the future.  Once you work out the pages, you can use the same system to recruit employees for jobs you will have in the future.