How it Works

Our approach to the hiring process is successful for entrepreneurs who are just starting out because it focuses on three key elements:

Completeness, from the ground-level up

We assume we can’t assume.  People who have never thought about hiring do not have the same level of awareness that someone with years in Big Business learns simply by reading memos and showing up to staff meetings.  When it comes to effective hiring systems, there’s a lot of material to cover.  Some of it is expensive if you get it wrong.

Step-by-step guidance

You’ve read the one-volume, “Everything you need to know to start your business” books, the ones that giving “hiring your first employee” one 15-page chapter.  Some of them jump from “Interview candidates” to “Fill out new-hire paperwork after you pick the right person.”

Then, there are all the “10 Things to Consider Before You Hire an Employee” articles on the web.  Funny how the “10 Things” articles never mention the same ten things, leading me to think there might be more like “89 Things to Consider.” If they used that headline, you’d run screaming in the other direction. Hiring is Hard breaks each activity down into the smallest useful “next action” and tells you exactly what you need to do next, at each stage of the hiring process.

Several approaches to learning

If you’re someone who learns straight from the printed page, then just print the pages and go!  If not, we have worksheets for all the major decision-points and tricky bits.  The content is also available on audio files for listening when you drive, ride, or run.  (You won’t knock time off your personal best, but you may at least become more familiar with the topics.)  (I wasn’t planning on adding video unless the hiring public demands it.)

If you think this approach will work for your business, get started by reading the sample chapter, Hiring Myths, and/or signing up for the newsletter.

If you’re still on the fence, you may want to read, “Just in Time, or Just in Case?