Is this You?

Who can Hiring How To help?

As the owner of a growing business, do any of these situations seem familiar?

  • You hired a few employees into your department when you worked in corporate, but back then, HR sent a stack of resumes and your work started with scheduling interviews. Getting a good person was sort of hit-or-miss, anyway, and no-one ever asked you to write a job description. Someone in the home office did that. Now that you’re working for yourself, you can see that HR was doing more than you realized, but you don’t know what.
  • You hired seasonal help last summer and the college students you picked were pretty good, as far as working with the campers went. But they couldn’t follow up, or do email on time, and they weren’t very reliable. You only asked one of them to come back this year.
  • Your next-door neighbor is free on Mondays, and he’s great. He’s starting his own house cleaning service so he’s not available the rest of the week. Your business needs more than 8 hours of help, and not always on Mondays.
  • You’ve done really well when you could hire people you’ve worked with on other jobs, and you know which technicians to avoid. When you get more work than your current team can handle and you have to hire strangers, you might as well put their names in a fishbowl and draw–you don’t have a good track record of picking employees.  You’re grateful you haven’t had any real disasters.
  • You purchased a new franchise, or a guide-to-running-an-XYZ-business, and you didn’t realize how little support the vendor provided when you examined the package.
  • Right now, your mother / wife / husband / teenager is running the office, doing the scheduling, and posting the books.  What are you going to do if Dad gets sick again?
  • Your partner / wife / husband / kids have put their foot down.  “We don’t want to live like this. The money’s nice, but we never see you anymore.  Get somebody to help you, or get a job. We saw you twice as much before you started the business.”

No matter which of these “need to hire soon” situations you find yourself in, Hiring How To can help.  Our clients come from all kinds of business:

  • Real estate
  • Home improvement
  • Self improvement
  • Video & still photography
  • Business support and coaching
  • After-school programs
  • Support for children with special needs

What is possible for your business?

Although every business has its unique hiring challenges and questions, the biggest question facing all of them is how to develop a hiring system that can, over time, be expanded, improved, and trusted to deliver the right employee for the job.  Hiring How To can help you develop a hiring process that works for your business.

Will it work for you?

It will, if you believe:

  • Your job as the owner is to work ON, rather than IN the business
  • Your business runs on systems, and people run the systems
  • That getting the right people “on the bus” matters
  • That accurate people-selection can be learned; that it’s not something you’re “born with” (or without, if you’ve already had trouble hiring the right employee)

If this is you, get started by downloading the sample chapter, Hiring Myths, and/or sign up for the newsletter.  (Separate steps–the sample chapter is no-obligation, no-email required.)

Then, you may be wondering how this process actually works.  See for yourself–check out How It Works.